3D Perspective Flange Identification APP

Advantages of AR APP developed:

Presently, flange specifications in various countries of the world are not uniform. Commonly referred to standards are: American standard (ANSI), European standard (BS/EN), Japanese standard (JIS), Australian standard (AS), International standard (ISO), etc.
In this regard, dimensional differences often exist in different standards. These variations could be few millimeters (mm), which would present a recognition challenge when visualized.
In the event of missing or unclear flange specification marks on the valve-body or pipeline, due to wear and tear over time, a user is required to unfasten the flange prior to measuring its dimensions to retrieve its specifications. This is not only time-consuming but also exhausting to operators while unnecessarily interrupting fluid flow along a pipeline.
In view of these shortcomings, we have developed an interactive augmented reality (AR) APP that aids users with flange dimension measurement along with retrieving its standard specifications from our built-in database.

System features:

  1. Unfastening is not required. There is an efficient retrieval of flange specifications through the user-friendly AR APP’s interface without needing flange disassembly.
  2. Sustained fluid flow along a pipe. During maintenance, to obtain a flange’s specifications usually would require suspension of fluid flow before loosening its bolts. However, this AR APP can still be operated, without interfering with the flow of fluid along a pipe, while retrieving those specifications.
  3. Specifications appended to photos captured and saved. The flange specifications obtained from the AR APP can be optionally appended to a photograph of the flange taken prior to saving the results.
  4. A wide range of size specifications. At present, the identifiable flange size using the AR APP ranges from 15mm to 600mm pipe diameter.
  5. Identification from multi-national standards. Currently, the main identifiable standards are: Australian Standard AS 2129, American Standard ANSI B16.1, International Standard ISO 7005-1, European Standard BS EN 4504, Japanese Standard JIS B 2210, and so on.
  6. World's first flange specifications identification APP that combines human perception with artificial intelligence
  7. Accurate flange specifications determination under partially occluded environment.